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Learn What You Need to Know

Learn Thai for Relationships

Learn Thai Relationship

You’ll be able to express yourself and communicate at a deeper level.

  • Learn key vocabulary and phrases for everyday activities
  • Share your emotions and feelings
  • Understand Thai culture and family values

Learn Thai for Tourism

Lern Thai Hollidays

Travel independently with confidence and connect with the local people.

  • Greet, thank, talk with, and say farewell to Thais
  • Ask for directions and understand the answers
  • Bargain for goods, order food, book a room, get a taxi, and more...

Learn Thai for Relocation

Learn Thai Retirement

You’ll speak fluent Thai where it counts, when taking care of business and pleasure..

  • Learn to rent a house, buy a car, open a bank account, etc.
  • Get insight on Thai customs and interact with Thai people
  • Advanced lessons on pronunciation and Thai grammar

It works for them. Why not for you?

« Hi my name is Emil and I'm from Denmark and I'm 18-years old.
I was searching for a Thai teacher that could teach me how to speak, read and write Thai language online via Skype, then I found Mia's website. I speak with her three times a week and I enjoy every minute of it. She's a great Thai teacher who speaks perfect English and is very kind and always smiling.
If you want to learn how to speak, read and write Thai, this is a great way.
It's definitely worth it!

Emil Voehlert, Denmark

"Thanks Mia for your total commitment to our learning Thai. It was obvious to me and my wife as we progressed through the 84 hours that your Learning techniques and teaching expertise were not only very effective but also a lot of fun. We looked forward to your relaxation routines, the singing, dancing, acting, and playing games. As a result, it is now possible for us to feel fairly confident in situations where we have to communicate in Thai. We are highly recommend Mia to anyone who want to learn Thai"

Ken, Kath N., self-employed therapeutic bodyworker

Skype 2

As a retired person in my 60s, starting to learn a new language so totally different to my own was sure to be a challenge, especially living in the UK with no regular contact with speakers of Thai. I was lucky enough to come across Mia's web site and so started on a course of lessons. I have been very impressed with her teaching. Lessons have been based on exploiting my learning strengths and style, gently encouraging me through areas that I find difficult and using a number of confidence building exercises – all done with a friendly smile. Kruu Mia has opened up a whole new world for me with her explanations of the language, customs and way of life of Thailand. All of which add a richness and whole new dimension to my enjoyment of that country. If you want to learn Thai, you need look no further.

Keith Williams, UK

Skype 3

Learning to speak Thai was a daunting, yet exciting step for me to take. I “discovered” Mia while searching the web and I am delighted that I have discovered her in cyberspace. From the onset Mia has been most professional in everything she does. She is friendly, punctual, polite, very patient and an encouraging teacher. Her teaching methods and very effective, fun and interactive. Audio lesson recordings allow you to revisit lessons and review them as much as needed. She manages to quickly assess what your expectations are in terms of the use of the language and adapts lessons to suit your needs very effectively. I find learning with her online most enjoyable as it is not only a language but also a culture and way of thinking you are gaining insight into. Mia is very capable and efficient in combining all these aspects to make it an enriching experience. I would highly recommend her to anybody who would like to invest in learning Thai. I have had the privilege of journeying with her just over four months and am looking forward to many more months of learning. Thank you Mia.

Lani van Dalsen – Brisbane, Australia

Skype 4

« I've just started learning to speak,read and write Thai with Mia, and I can honestly say it is a pleasure working with her.
She's a smart, dedicated Thai teacher. She will get you up speed as quickly as possible.
Mia has really helped me progress. Thanks Mia!

Stephen Lord, London UK

Skype 5

« I highly recommend Mia for learning to speak Thai via Skype.
I have tried to learn a new language before and it can be a very overwhelming and sometimes frustrating endeavor, but Mia makes it an easy and enjoyable experience.
She speaks excellent English and knows how to explain the differences between the way you would speak in Thai and the way you would speak in English in an easy to understand way. She has structured Thai lessons that are easy to follow and is also flexible in helping you to focus on the things you want to learn.
The interactive lessons are excellent because it helps you to feel confident in speaking - and Mia helps you not to feel embarrassed about trying to make new sounds that you may not be comfortable with.
It is an excellent Thai language program that I would recommend to anyone!

Michelle Jackson,Calgary, Canada

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How do you get started?

Skype 1

1 Please send us a message to request your free 30-minute consultation in the Contact fields above.

2 Within 24 hours, We’ll send you more information and available times when we can talk.

3We’ll meet via Skype to discuss what area you would like to focus on, lesson times and more....

Your lesson structure

Online Thai teachers

First 15 minutes:
Review the previous lesson

  • Review homework assignment from the previous lesson and discuss the answers
  • Review topics discussed in the previous lesson and focus on any aspects of the lesson that were difficult for you.
  • This review at the beginning of each lesson ensures that you will never forget what you’ve learned.

Next 30 minutes:
Learn a new subject

  • For example: a conversation in a restaurant. We will first discuss the vocabulary you need and then practice the conversation. This includes grammar, pronunciation, asking questions, expressing opinions, etc.
  • We use a lot of role play to simulate real life situations as much as possible.

Last 15 minutes:
Review the lesson and homework

  • Review the lesson of that day and discuss any aspects of the lesson that were difficult for you
  • Explain the homework assignment for the next lesson

Before you start...

All learning materials included

  • All the learning materials are included in the course package: videos, audio clips, PDFs, etc.
  • I’ll create a course for you that is tailored to your specific needs.
  • You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast you can push your Thai language skills to the next level!

100% Money-back Guarantee!

  • If you’re not happy and satisfied after your first lesson, you’ll get a full refund for your entire course. (I’m not happy until YOU are happy.)
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