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Successful language learning starts with choosing the right teacher. A good teacher not only makes a connection with you, but also establishes a connection between you and the subject you study.
Let me introduce myself…

Thai Language Teacher

Hi! My name is Mia! .

I was born and raised in Thailand, and now live in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, “The Rose of the North.” For more than six years, I’ve been teaching Thai to students from all over the world. I started in the US while working and studying English, and was invited to teach Thai at the local community college from 2006 to 2010. After four years of experience in the class room, I began teaching Thai online. In the last three years I’ve taught over 2,000 hours of Thai language lessons via Skype! (The last count was on July 1st, 2012.)

Teaching is my passion!I love teaching foreigners our beautiful Thai language and helping them gain a better understanding of our wonderful Thai culture, traditions, values, and way of life. Learning a new language gives students access to a whole new world, and makes them aware of all the subtle differences between countries. Seeing my students’ knowledge of and fascination with the Thai language and culture grow is my ultimate satisfaction.

Friends help friends. During the course of the lessons, the student-teacher relationship often develops into friendship. Students from around the globe have visited me in Chiang Mai, and have told me many times how much they loved my hospitality. Meeting people from many countries is a wonderful bonus of teaching Thai, and plays an important role in keeping me motivated and full of enthusiasm.

My experience as a teacher and as a student

Learning a language is not just about vocabulary and grammar, it’s about learning about a new culture, too. Because I lived and worked in the USA for five years, I speak English fluently, and understand Western culture. My experience with how Westerners think and why Thais act in certain ways makes me a perfect bridge between two worlds.

The fact that I’ve lived abroad, and studied a second language myself, helps me explain important variations between languages and cultures to my students. My understanding is based on real life experiences, and not just on knowledge from books. Not only will I be able to tell you how to say or do something, I can also tell you why to say or do things in a certain way.

Achieve your goals with creative, customized lessons

When you study a language, it is important to find a teacher who will help you realize your own personal goals quickly, by giving you the support, feedback, and motivation you need.

I’ll adapt your Thai lessons to meet your specific needs, such as relationships, traveling, or relocation. focus on what you personally need to know, and keep your lessons fun, diverse, and interesting. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how fast you can push your Thai to the next level!

I hope to speak with you soon!

“Time flies when I have lessons. I just wish I had more time.”

Stephen Muller, Denmark

You can learn more about my teaching methods here on the FAQ page.

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