Learn Thai for Tourism

When you travel around Thailand, you’ll soon learn that people truly appreciate it when you make an effort to speak their language. The better you speak Thai, the better you’ll connect with the locals, take in their culture, and make your holiday a richer experience.

It’s the Land of Smiles! Thai folks are very friendly and patient. They’ll be happy to help you find your way, or tell you more about our beautiful country.

Learn Thai Tourism

Travel independently

Learn Thai SkypeDepending on where you go, your holiday in Thailand could be a major challenge if you don’t speak any Thai. In the main tourist areas, you may get by with English alone, but as soon as you get off the beaten track, the number of people that speak it quickly decreases.

Speaking some Thai will allow you to travel independently. When you find yourself in a place where no one speaks English, or you have a medical emergency, your Thai language skills can make a big difference. They could even save your life!

Learn what you want and need to know

Learn Thai TourismBased on your areas of interest and your intended travel dates, we’ll define specific lesson plans and achievable goals for you. Our goal? To teach you the Thai you’ll need to get the most out of your precious time in Thailand.

Your Thai lessons will focus on the keywords and phrases you’ll need to ask for directions, use public transportation, go shopping, order food, dine out, deal with medical emergencies, etc. You’ll also get insight into Thai customs, culture and history. Once you finish your course, I’ll bet you will hardly be able to wait to come to Thailand!

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